Welcome to White Crow Communications

What We Do

White Crow provides tailored communications for clients driven by purpose. Our team of senior consultants accelerate brands through strategy, craft and collaboration. We partner fully with our clients and take pride in their success – from small wins to exceptional achievements.

    • Positioning
    • Workshops
    • Research
    • Naming
    • Logos
    • Stationery
    • Graphic design
    • Print collateral
    • Web design & development
    • Content Strategy
    • UX strategy
    • Video
    • Email campaigns
    • Social media
    • Print and digital
    • Events



We begin by listening. We ask questions and dig deep to understand your organization, and what matters most to the people you serve. Our goal is to help your brand reach a place that is original, unexpected and true – and it all starts here.

Research & Workshop

We look at what your competitors are up to and how you rise above the crowd. Next, we hold an interactive workshop with your key team members and/or stakeholders. In this lively discovery process, we’ll uncover assumptions, highlight core language, examine visual preferences, and get to the heart of your mission. 


Our team regroups to analyze the workshop findings. We identify patterns and apply both marketing and emotional intelligence. We explore what was said – and what was left unsaid. We bring our full personal and professional experience (including large-scale work with major brands) to the table, in order to build a compelling and innately human strategy.


We develop an original brand that can include logos, naming, taglines, style guides and UX strategy, in addition to brand voice, copywriting and visual identity guidelines. Our team also specializes in content strategy – from large website projects to creative collateral production.


Now, it’s all about sharing your voice with the world. We have the experience and strategic partnerships to plan and execute events, videos, social media outreach strategies, print and online campaigns, websites, and brand collateral of every kind. 


We explore the campaign results and discuss your return on investment. Our team can also plan follow-up projects and recommend best practices, next steps, and long-term targets. We thrive in long-term partnerships – and we make sure our clients do, too. table, in order to build a compelling and innately human strategy.