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Content is king.

It is an old saying that pre-dates the Internet but it is still a very valid saying. We all know the importance of content online but how often do we really experience good content? Having worked as an online strategist for almost 20 years I have experienced the Internet from its infancy to its current robust state. Online development has evolved considerably but there is a part of the process that is so often overlooked – the missing ingredient if you will – content. When developing a solid information architecture (IA) – which is the organization of content after all – it is nowhere to be seen. It really is the meat on the bones of the IA; if you will, the element that will bring the IA to life and ensure that it resonates with end users.

As part of a team of senior consultants focused on content strategy, usability and design, we believe you have to address the strategy (the WHY), the audience (the WHO), and the content (the WHAT) together, iteratively. The end result being engaging, enjoyable, effective and efficient interactions.

What are the benefits this process brings to your organisation:

  • increased brand loyalty
  • increased lead generation
  • increased transactions (in value and over time)
  • reduced cart drop-off
  • reduced customer care calls
  • increased employee productivity
  • increased employee engagement